Colors, compositions and structures are the foundations of my exclusive collections.

If you are looking for a noble woven scarf made of silk or a special designer scarf to be worn like a piece of textile jewelry, then you will find something special in my store. Whether playful, delicate, opulent or geometrically strict – each of the scarves is in its own way a wearable work of art that has great potential to become your favorite item.

In my hand weaving studio in Hamburg, each scarf is made individually from high-quality materials such as silk, linen, cotton and viscose. You can choose a woven scarf from one of my collections or have a custom-made scarf woven by me within the scope of technical possibilities.

In my assortment you will find both a special designer scarf and an artistic scarf for different occasions and every season: from a light scarf for spring and summer to a soft and warm silk scarf for autumn and winter.

You will find both, a woven scarf with stripes in bright colors as well as a noble scarf in natural tones. In addition to many extravagant scarves for women, I also offer various scarf models for men.  Sewn and hand-woven scarves and accessories are priced between 70,- and 270, – Euro. Headbands and loop scarves cost between 70,- and 135,- Euro.  A handwoven silk scarf in different colors is priced between 160,- and 270,- Euro depending on the type of weaving and an artistic designer scarf costs between 165,- and 240,- Euro. Please feel free to also visit me in my shop in Hamburg-Altona and have a look at the different women’s scarves and men’s scarves as well as the special designer scarves and feel free to contact me on my phone (040-4390962) or by mail. I will be happy to help you with suitable models and show you various ways to tie and combine a scarf. If you subscribe to my NEWSLETTER, you will receive information about my new projects and special promotions three or four times a year. Please send me an Email if you want to subscribe my NEWSLETTER.

I look forward to your inquiry

Ulrike Isensee

To view more details about the products, click on the images:

Transparent thread scarf with dots

Minimalist strips scarf

Soft  loopscarf with beautiful colours

Scarf object mosaic pattern

 Silk scarf vertical stripes

 Loop scarf made of leather look strips

Scarf objekt „Pictures“

Multicolour  dots scarf

Collar loop scarf made of soft linen

Patchwork like scarf with rectangles

Silk collar loop scarf

Handwoven silk scarves

 Bauhaus-style thread scarf

Thread scarf with bright colours

Colourful strips scarf with applications

Net scarf with Dots

Scarf-objekt made of  interesting fabric

Chain scarf worn like textile orament

Red crashed loopscarf

Scarf object with shreds made of paper

Elastic headband made of silk

Scarf „hommage à Anni Albers“

Airy loop scarves made of silk chiffon

Transparent scarf with rectangles

 Loop scarf made of fabric shreds

Flagline scarf – an eyecatcher

Cut out scarf made of vegan leather

Discover elegant accessories made of hand woven fabric.

For a long walk in nature, an evening at the theater or everyday life in the office. In our collection you will find scarves in great variety for every occasion and style. Choose between a noble silk scarf, a cozy loop scarf, an extravagant design scarf and a broaden headband and make yourself or others a special gift.

Our headband and scarf variations:

A high-quality silk scarf for men and women: with its classic and timeless design, our woven silk scarf, in its different variations, is one of our bestselling products. It combines style with comfort and is thus an all-rounder for everyday life or for special occasions.

A women’s and men’s round scarf: The round scarf is particularly handy due to its small format and can be combined perfectly as a kind of textile jewelry with tops and dresses whose neckline you do not want to cover with a long scarf. It acts as a fashionable collar, but can also be used as a great neck warmer for outdoor activities. It pleasantly hugs the neck area and is particularly light and delicate.

The light designer scarf: If you love extravagant styling and individual accessories, you will surely appreciate one of our special scarfs, that is based on a light mesh fabric. These scarfs are decorated with various textile elements, such as silk circles and different fibers, and will enhance any simple or casual outfit.

Soft Headwear: As a stylish alternative to a cap or a hat, you can use one of our silk headbands in a variety of colors and designs. The amazing advantage of such a headband is that it offers a wide range of hair styling variations. Possible fashionable headband hairstyles are, for example, a high ponytail, a bun or various braided hairstyles.

When buying a scarf, this is what you should pay attention to:

Depending on the purpose for which you are looking for a scarf, different scarf models are the most suitable. You can read more about what factors you can pay attention to here:

The measurements: from the small to the extra large scarf:

A key decision criterion is of course the scarf sizing, i.e. the scarf width and scarf length. If you are looking for a practical small scarf, you will probably choose our loop scarf. It comes in different sizes (between 30-50 x 50-75 cm). Our larger chiffon loop is about 18 x 78 cm long and wide. A designer scarf and a hand-woven silk scarf, on the other hand, falls a little larger and can be tied and draped in different ways due to the length. The designer scarf varies in size between about 30-40 x 160-180 cm in length and width. If you are looking for a large and particularly warming XXL scarf, you will find it among the silk scarf models (about 30-40 x 160-195 cm). A wide headband with the dimensions of 22 cm x 72 cm can cover a large part of the head, but due to its elasticity can also be narrowly folded as needed.

Please note: Since we weave or sew all scarves individually on the loom, the dimensions may vary in a minimally.

The scarf material: silk, linen and co.

In our production, we always pay a lot of attention to high-quality materials, which feel pleasant on the skin and do not irritate it. A loop scarf is made of silk or chiffon and a headband out of cotton , silk and elastane. A designer scarf involves the use of many different materials, such as silk, linen, but also felt, wash paper and vegan leather made of synthetic fibers. A woven scarf consists mainly of silk and partly in small measure additionally of cotton or linen.

The colors: monochrome and multicolored scarves

We produce many of our fabric scarves in several color variations. So you can freely choose between a scarf in rainbow colors, natural tones, warm or cool shades and classic combinations in black, white and gray. Suitable for the different seasons, we offer for example, a scarf in autumn colors or spring pastel shades.

The scarf design: a patterned or plain classic scarf.

You may decide to go for a plain scarf, but you can also choose from various other patterns and designs. For example, a woven scarf with a herringbone pattern, as well as a striped scarf with horizontal or with longitudinal stripes is still classic, yet a bit more eye-catching due to the woven pattern. We also have various  striped scarfs in loop form in our assortment, just like loops with a colored effect edge, which gives the scarf a playful detail. A net scarf is available, for example, in our popular dots design with small or large textile circles, or also as a patchwork scarf.

Bauhaus design scarves: On the occasion of the Bauhaus founding anniversary 2019, I created a collection intended as a tribute to the Bauhaus weavers and their creations. In addition to several wall objects that I created as exhibits for the window exhibition „Vernetzt“, there are since then also several „Bauhaus scarves“ firmly in our repertoire. More information about me and different projects can be found under profile. And about events, markets and exhibitions we inform under News.

The proper scarf care: This is how it’s done!

How to properly wash and care for your scarf depends primarily on its material. You can basically wash any scarf. For particularly gentle scarf cleaning, choose hand washing with a mild detergent. Some scarves are particularly easy to care for and therefore also suitable for machine washing, make sure to use a mild detergent, a gentle cycle and a low spin rate. In general, only wash the scarf when necessary, to avoid unnecessary stress on the fibers.

The perfect neck flatterer for every season

A scarf is not necessarily only a suitable accessory for your winter outfit. Through different shapes and materials, it can accompany you through all four seasons

A light scarf for springtime: Our silk loops, in particular, are especially suitable as spring scarves. Due to their close-fitting shape and their light yet warming material, they do not make you sweat and still protect your neck area from chilly outdoor temperatures. For spring a scarf in pink or other fresh colors or pastel shades is a wonderful choice, which makes you even more excited about the first blossoms and rays of sunshine.

An elegant accessory to your summer outfit: Even on cooler summer evenings on the terrace or by a fresh sea breeze, a loop round scarf is a great choice. On warm days, the artful net variations can be wonderfully combined as a summer scarf. They are particularly delicate and by their design special eye-catchers, which are great without an additional jacket, just draped over a dress or top. Of course, this scarf is also suitable for wearing indoors such as in the theater or at events all year round, regardless of the season.

A cozy scarf for autumn: With the beginning of autumn, the traditional scarf season takes off every year. If you like your silk scarf best, you can finally bring it out again and combine it according to your taste. For somewhat warmer days, additionally invest in a tight-fitting loop scarf made of woven elastic silk fabric as an autumn scarf. It can also be worn on the head if desired and is thus a real multi-functional scarf.

A warming scarf and headband set for winter: With the help of a soft and extra-warm scarf, you’ll be ready for all winter activities and will always look fashionably dressed when walking in the snow, going ice skating or heading to the Christmas market. Complete the winter look with an elastic headband in matching colors to your winter scarf. So your head is well covered by the fashionable ear protection against wind and weather.

How to tie and drape a scarf?

Especially with a long or an extra long scarf, there are many possible variations to tie and drape it. Depending on the top, coat or dress, a matching scarf tie can highlight an individual outfit even more and emphasize or conceal certain areas.

Tie the scarf classy: In the classic scarf-tying method, the accessory is wrapped around the neck once, so that the ends are falling casually to the front. However, with the following alternative scarf-tying variants, you can always put your favorite part in the limelight and vary it according to your mood.

Elegantly fold the scarf: A simple variation on how you can combine your scarf with an evening dress, is the simple but impressive folding. Like a fine shawl or a stole, the scarf hugs the shoulders and/or the back and can be pulled further apart or together as preferred.

Tie the scarf in the form of a loop: With the so-called waterfall effect, you can easily turn a long scarf with two ends into a round scarf. You just have to knot the ends together or fix them in the collar of your sweater.

Tie the scarf in the shape of a noose: For the „noose“ tie shape, all you have to do is double the scarf around your neck and then pull its ends through the loop that has been created. This way you have styled your scarf individually in no time.

Tie the scarf like a braid: This variation, for styling a scarf may look tricky, but in fact is not. All you have to do, is tie your scarf into a snake shape, turn the resulting scarf loop upside down, and tie the two ends through the second loop formed by turning it upside down.

Knot the scarf: As an alternative to the loop shape, you can also simply knot the scarf ends at the front of the neck area. This variant is particularly casual and also guaranteed non-slip, for example, if you want to wear your scarf while running.

The ideal scarf for every occasion

An elegant evening scarf: A matching scarf to your blazer or evening dress rounds off your evening look. With simple outfits, especially patterned scarves in bold colors can be combined great. They are particularly well accentuated on a quiet base. With an extravagant dress or top, a classic scarf in modest colors is a great option. Depending on the individual combination, a striped scarf can also be combined as a subtle yet playful accessory.

A flexible outdoor scarf: If you like to move and be outdoors, a round small scarf is suitable for you. It does not slip and snuggles softly and comfortably around your neck. A loop scarf is the perfect scarf for cycling or running in nature and ensures that you do not cool down even on longer tours.

An all-rounder scarf for everyday life: You want to wear your scarf every day and avoid constantly searching for styling combinations that fit? Then one of our beautiful scarves in black, white or gray is just right for you. You will always look suitably dressed and can flexibly combine your favorite scarf with your entire wardrobe.

Men’s scarf, women’s scarf and children’s scarf.

Basically, all our scarves are unisex and can of course be worn by everyone, although the majority of our clients is female. From previous experience, we know which scarf models are often particularly appealing to men, children and young people, and are thus for example suitable as a gift.

Silk scarves for men: Our male customers mostly prefer our beautiful silk scarves. They look great with a sweater but also with a jacket and of course keep reliably warm. An elegant scarf in blue or gray can be combined in many ways and a striped pattern sets additional accents.

A comfortable loop scarf for children and teenagers: For children and teenagers who are still growing and move a lot in their playtime and at school, a loop scarf is particularly suitable. It is very easy to fold over and does not slip or bother in everyday life. A colorful model creates a good mood as well.

We also offer these handmade items:

Stylish Capelets: Some of our handmade scarves are also available as a fashionable poncho or capelet, for example the vegan leather scarves and the different dots variations. The capelets are great to drape over a plain top or dress and complement your look.

The perfect scarf as a gift

With our large selection of different scarf variations, there is something for every taste and occasion. Feel free to visit us in the showroom and take a look at tall variations in person. Of course, we are happy to help with the selection and advise you personally.

If, in any case, the gift is not to someone’s liking, there is no problem to exchange it. You can also give one of our gift cards and let the presentee choose. We appreciate your interest in our craft work and hope you enjoy further browsing!

Please note: Some of the products and product categories mentioned here are not yet available in our online store. However, we are diligently in the process of gradually adding all products. Nevertheless, you can already find our complete product range under the tab „Catalogs“ and can already order it by mail or phone. Further information under „Contact“.