Throughout my art studies, colour, composition and structure were great sources of interest for me. Subsequently during my loom training, I learned how to transform my weaving ideas into reality. Very soon, I began to break through the conventional perpendicular structure fundamental to traditional weaving. The result: scarves which seem to be made up of caught strands, airy shapes reminiscent of the paintings of Jackson Pollock.


1973 – 79      Master of Arts at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg

1981 – 83      Apprenticeship as a hand weaver in Hamburg

1983               Setting up her own studio

1992               Master of craftman’s diploma


1992       Förderpreis der HWK Hamburg

1995       Hessischer Staatspreis für das Deutsche Kunsthandwerk

2004       Bochumer Designpreis

2004       Preis der Justus Brinckmann Gesellschaft

2009       Kunstverein Seide Preis

2011/13  Nominated for the WCC-Europe-Eunique Award

2014       Lotte Hofmann-Gedächtnispreis für Textilkunst