For each of my new collections I produce a catalog with close-ups of the handwoven scarves and pictures of them being worn by models. You can easily view them online here, download them as PDF or get them for free at my studio to browse through. Let yourself be inspired by the looks and browse the different designs and color combinations including information on materials, measurements, manufacturing techniques and prices in detail. You can order your favorite pieces easily from my online store, by mail, by phone or directly in my shop, where I will be happy to assist you personally.


Threadloops, linenloops, vests and more.

Bubble-scarves, „flagline“-scarves and more.

Silk scarves, cloqué-scarves, confetti-scarves and more.


Textile Art

Cut out scarves, thread scarves, scarves with rectangles and more.

Leather-capelets, shredloops, strips-scarves and more.


Basic catalog